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Fences, Pumps, Hay, Feed Insurance

We’re all used to fixing our barbed wire fences after a storm blows down a live oak limb, or one of our kids catches a post with a tractor. So, we don’t really think about damage that’s big enough to need insurance. But, think about a tornado taking out fencing and, say, an electric gate. Now you’re talking about tens of thousands of dollars. Or, what about a hazard that took out your pens, chutes, corrals, or silos?

Stonewall Farm Mutual provides our members with insurance for other structures on your property that aren’t your dwelling. In addition to the structures mentioned above, our members also insure windmills, well water pumps, and pumphouses.

Hay, Grain, and Feed Insurance

Crop and livestock insurance are not coverages that Stonewall Farm Mutual provides – better to go with federal crop insurance for those. However, we do provide our members with coverage that includes hay, grain, feed, and seeds in storage. All of these expensive products can be damaged by fire, flooding, tornadoes, and other perils. We can cover the replacement cost of those items just like we insure the buildings, tools, and equipment in those structures.