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About Stonewall Farm Mutual

Neighbor insuring Neighbor

Stonewall Farm Mutual Insurance Company is a non-profit, mutual insurance association that provides low-cost property insurance to landowners in a 65-mile radius of Stonewall including Gillespie, Blanco, and surrounding counties.

Stonewall Farm Mutual was formed more than 100 years ago when it was difficult to get insurance companies to provide coverage to rural areas.

In 1910, a group of farmers took matters into their own hands and formed a mutual insurance association.

We strive to provide maximum coverage at reasonable prices in mutually beneficial ways.

Carry on the tradition of “neighbor insuring neighbor” by becoming a member of Stonewall Farm Mutual Insurance

Since 1910

Our association has never emphasized growth for its own sake, but for the goal of being the best, while not necessarily the biggest.

What sets us apart from our competition? Our commitment to service is unparalleled. We pride ourselves on the fact that our claims service deals with every claim promptly, efficiently, courteously, and fairly.