Church, Bed & Breakfast, Rental Insurance


Church & Community Building Insurance

Stonewall Farm Mutual insures non-dwelling buildings like churches, community centers, fraternal halls, and church and private schools. We provide property insurance similar to what you get when you insure your home – protecting you from many perils on your non-dwell building.

Church schools and private schools are established to provide an alternative to public schools, but they often face cost pressures from every side. Stonewall Farm Mutual can help by providing affordable insurance that covers school property, private school and community center buildings.

AirBnB, Duplex, and Cabin Insurance

The Texas Hill Country surrounding Stonewall is a major tourist attraction as one of the largest winery regions in the United States. Many of our members have vacation rentals like small cabins that they rent via AirBnB or VRBO. We can insure rental units like bed and breakfast cabins or duplexes up to four units per location against property damage. This is a huge benefit to members because it’s hard to find affordable hazard insurance for short-term rentals.